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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may not have received the full two-dose schedule of Men B vaccine known as Trumenba (MenB-fHbp). This is not part of the national vaccine schedule for your age group so you will not have missed out on any routine care.

Please see below for a summary of the schedule/vaccine doses according to when you were enrolled in the study.


If you enrolled in the study in 2018 (and completed your study visits):

  • You will have received both doses of MenB vaccine.
  • At both of your vaccination visits you were given written information about the MenB vaccines you received. Please contact your local study site if you require clarification.

Where can I find out more information?


The Imperial study information booklet contains more information.

▼ Click here to download the Study Information Booklet


If you would like any further information regarding the study please contact the study team on:

Tel: 020 331 21449


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