Teenagers Against Meningitis


Evaluating the effect of immunisation with group B meningococcal vaccines on meningococcal carriage


What if by getting immunised, you could help protect your friends, family and the broader community against meningitis?


Meningitis is a rare but potentially life-threatening infection around the surface of the brain. It mostly affects babies, young children and adolescents. A bacteria called meningococcus is an important cause of bacterial meningitis. About 1 in 10 teenagers ‘carry’ these bacteria at the back of their throat at any one time without causing any symptoms.


What is the ‘Be on the TEAM’ study?

This study will see if immunising teenagers with a Meningitis B (MenB) vaccine could reduce the risk of others getting meningitis across the whole community

  • Teenagers who take part will receive 2 doses of a MenB vaccine
  • These are licensed vaccines you would not otherwise receive  and will reduce your risk of meningitis
  • You would also have 2 throat swabs, 1 year apart
  • All visits would be held at your school



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