COVID-19 Update

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Be on the TEAM and COVID-19 Update


We have had a fantastic response to the Be on the TEAM study and completed our recruitment target of 24000 participants at the end of 2019. Many thanks to all those that have helped us with this study.

Unfortunately, the closure of schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many of the study visits planned for March, April and May 2020 were unable to go ahead.

We are currently evaluating the options for resuming visits in September 2020, and at present we are able to say that:


For those participants who had their first visit in February to May 2019, and were due their final study visit in March/April 2020

  • Unfortunately we will be unable to resume these visits as the participants recruited at this time are expected to have completed their time in school/college
  • Also, it is anticipated that the effects of lockdown and restrictions to social interactions would have influenced meningococcal carriage. 
    This potentially reduces the value of collecting throat swabs and meaningful data due to the atypical period of social interaction.     
  • Unfortunately that will mean that some of you will not receive the doses of MenB vaccine that you would have received if you had been able to complete this study.
    As the Men B vaccine to be offered in this study was not part of the national vaccine schedule for this age group you will not have missed out on any routine care.
  • Please be in touch with your study site if you have any further questions.


For those participants who had their first visit in September to December 2019:

  • The plans for continuing study visits in the new academic year are still under review.
  • We will be back in touch with schools and study participants in September 2020 to provide a full update at this time.




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